My Guest Blogger!

17 Apr

I really liked a lot of Nicole Long’s blogs so I am making her my guest blogger. Here is my favorite blog of hers, What makes them viral?! 

Viral videos pop up all over the place, from all different places, people, and scenarios.

They become viral so quickly because they are interesting and eye catching. They can be funny (most are), they can be cute, have pets or babies in them.

How it happens is once someone see’s a video they think is funny or cute and is good enough to watch again or show someone, they show a friend. And then that person shows another friend, and that person another. It goes on and on, and in a short period of time, until it is a viral video in like a week.

My favorite viral is “The Bed Intruder”. It is a video that was originally on the news. It was a guy who was talking to the camera crew in concern of his sister who was almost raped when she woke up to find a stranger in her room. It is a serious story, but luckily her brother heard her scream and came in there to scare the intruder out. The intruder left finger prints. Just watch…..

I love this “remix” because its hilarious how the brother is acting and it is very catchy. It made me want to watch the video over and over again. I also wanted to show every and anybody who was on or near a computer.

Another viral video that I like is “Charlie Bit Me”. It is a video that just shows two little kids, who are obviously brothers, sitting in a chair and the little brother keeps bitting the older brother. It is so cute.

 I wanted to show everyone this video because of how adorable it is. All of my girl friends liked it and even guys. :)



Gotta Love Them Viral Videos!

17 Apr

When I think about viral videos the first video that comes to my mind is the “Charlie Bit My Finger” video which has over 300 million views and counting right now. Now the main question I will be talking about right now is the question, “What makes a video go viral?” I believe that in order for a video to go viral it has to have some connection with the audience emotionally. Whether it makes the audience laugh, cry or scream the video has to have some connection with the audience. The most common types of viral videos that I always hear about are the funny videos. If someone has a good laugh from a video they will be almost always likely to tell their friends and family, which makes the video go viral.

I have so many viral videos that I love to watch over and over again, but my two absolute favorite ones are “Two Talking Twin Babies” and “Cats Playing Patty Cake”.

I like the two talking twin babies video because it is so cute, and I could not believe that they actually understood one another, it is amazing! I could not stop smiling and laughing at how they were communicating, it really connected to me emotionally and I am sure it did with so many other people as well, and that is why it became viral.

I loved the cats playing patty cake because I absolutely love cats and it was so funny with the people trying to act out what they were thinking and saying. They made it seem like that they were by their own computers because they put cat wallpapers on the screens of the computers. I just like how they made them so human-like. It was also cute and funny which I believe was the reason why this video became so popular and went viral.

An Interview with Kneale Mann

8 Apr

I learned a lot of things from listening to An Interview with Kneale Mann. One thing that sparked my interest was his advice he gives to me and my fellow classmates who are getting started with blogging and have some trouble with topics and things to write about in their new blogs. His advice he gives us, which he was given the same advice two years ago, was to “just write.” He explains how great writing is traditionally done this way, you write the end then you write the beginning, then you decide what you are going to take out of the middle.  Sometimes you may write 1000 words, but actually end with 300 because you have taken floating paragraphs out of the middle that you don’t need. Some other advice he gives when starting a blog is to find something that interests you and that is going to be with you for your whole career and just write about it.

What surprised me was that Kneale Mann has never had a blog before two years ago. Before I started listening to this interview I read what my professor put for his bio below the video:

“Kneale is a twenty-six year marketing and media veteran who provides business, marketing and social media strategy for small to medium sized private sector clients through YouIntegrate.

“He is also a marketing and social media strategistic with the Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing for public sector, not-for-profit and association clients.”

After reading this I was shocked to hear that he just started blogging. This makes me feel a lot better because I thought I was so behind in he social media world because I didn’t have a blog, but I really don’t think im that far behind. 🙂


An Interview with Martin Waxman

8 Apr

As I listened to An Interview withabout social media that could benefit me one day when I am through with college and have to face the real world. One thing that I learned was the question my professor asked Martin, “As an employer, what kinds of things are you looking for if you are going to be hiring someone?” He talks about how important it is for someone to know the basics of social media and to have the traditional skills. Martin says that he wants his employees to have a great understanding of traditional media relations because while things are evolving and are changing fast but for many clients the traditional skills are as important as the new high-tech skills. Also, he mentioned how he does require a lot of social media skill just that they have an understanding of why social media is an important aspect for business and public relations.

What surprised me was the example he gave, about a woman who applied for a job with him. She gave him her blog so he could check it out, probably thinking he would be impressed that she had a blog, but actually was unimpressed. Her blog had many typographical errors and that is a big “no-no” in social media. Martin explained that in social media, spelling and grammar is very important when you want people to respect you and read your blogs.

I would like to know more about the company he mentions in the beginning called Botanical Paperworks, which is a company that manufactures plantable paper products such as, greeting cards, business cards, invitations, etc. This company sounds really amazing and such a great idea this interview led me to their website because I wanted to know more about this great idea.

In Loving Memory

19 Mar

During Spring Break I was watching Sportscenter on ESPN and I heard about this very sad story about a 16 year-old boy. It made me cry and overwhelmed me so I have decided to share the story for people who haven’t heard about it. Fennville High School boy’s basketball team was playing a very close game on March 3rd against a rival team. Wes Leonard was the teams best player and he ended up hitting a game winning shot. The team was celebrating and a couple minutes later the boy collapsed on the wood floor. He ended up having a cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead just hours after he made the shot of his life. This story had a great impact on me, and Wes’s family will be in my prayers.

PR OpenMic

19 Mar

This social network is a great tool for students, professors, and professionals. The site boasts some 6,000+ members. PR OpenMic has many things to offer these people. Once you sign up you can immediately search for friends who also have a membership and interact with them, similar to Facebook. Also like Facebook you have your open proile which you can change and edit at anytime you want and put whatever you want on it, including a profile picture.

One thing that I like that this social network has is the  Blog Posts, Forums, Latest Activity, or News about the PR community. This is what makes this network great because you are not just getting the top 50 blog posts in your feed rather you can read what the people in your online community have to say.

I saved the best for last, this feature is by far the best feature PR OpenMic has to offer.  The Jobs/Internships page offers students a way to look for internships when they really need to get started with their lives. This makes it so much easier for Public Relation majors to browse through intership opportunities that would be related to them. Other sites like careerbuilder has thousands of internships to look through, why would you want to browse through them when you can use PR OpenMic? Also you can post your resume and look at other people’s resumes to help you get going. I think this feature is brilliant. PR OpenMic is defintely very beneficial to students like me and I would recommend becoming a member asap!

The Importance Of Podcasting

3 Mar

Podcasts offer the unique feature of being delivered automatically to subscribers, right into their media playing device with auto synching to their media player.

The most important thing for business to make podcasts are that, podcasts can be taken on the road as a mobile audio message. More people than ever are using portable mp3 listening devices now. If you have a message you want to share with the world, you will want to make it as easy as possible for the listener or customer, and podcasting does just that. Unlike radio, the shows can be paused, rewound or even stopped and started again sometime later. And unlike streaming web radio, you can leave the Internet behind. Therefore podcasting is very easy and efficient when trying to get what you want out to people.

Podcasts are not only great for large businesses, but also small businesses at home as well. There are many different kinds of podcasts, ranging from, audio journals to professional newscasts. Podcasts can be about any topic that people are passionate about. Topics from cooking to bugs. There is really an audience for every topic.

Here are some popular podcasting networks:

  • Mevio – Network created by former MTV VJ Adam Curry. Show directory currently has 2,430 listings. Largest and most diverse of all podcasting networks.
  • CNet – Mostly technology focused. Owned by CBS Interactive. Programming includes many of the biggest names in technology.
  • Revision3 – Not nearly as large as Mevio, but almost as diverse. All content is available as video.
  • – Network created by Leo Laporte (one of the original podcasters). Provides around-the-clock programming on live channel, but also includes many weekly shows with diverse hosts and topics.
  • I am not very familar with podcasting, but from what I know it seems like a very effective and efficient way for businesses to promote their companies products.