Tragedy at Notre Dame

19 Apr

Tragedy struck Notre Dame Wednesday, April 13th, when a Notre Dame student, Declan Sullivan, died after the tower from which he was filming football practice fell over. That day the weather channel recorded winds gusting to 51 mph at the time of the football practice. What was crazy about it was he tweeted just before practice saying: “Gusts of wind up to 60 mph. Well today will be fun at work. I guess I’ve lived long enough.”

 When I heard this story I thought it was very sad and it pissed me off because how could they make that boy get up 50 feet above the ground when the wind is blowing outside like a hurricane! That is just horrible. I cannot believe they didn’t think it was that dangerous and still allowed him to keep filming.

That just shows you that college football will do anything to win because it brings in the most money to the college, and I guess money is all that matters.


One Response to “Tragedy at Notre Dame”

  1. Jake Price April 21, 2011 at 12:57 PM #

    This is crazy. I can’t believe that he would even climb up there in that weather! That is really very sad and I hope that his family has been able to make peace with everything. The irony in the fact that he had just tweeted before getting to practice is crazy.

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