Gotta Love Them Viral Videos!

17 Apr

When I think about viral videos the first video that comes to my mind is the “Charlie Bit My Finger” video which has over 300 million views and counting right now. Now the main question I will be talking about right now is the question, “What makes a video go viral?” I believe that in order for a video to go viral it has to have some connection with the audience emotionally. Whether it makes the audience laugh, cry or scream the video has to have some connection with the audience. The most common types of viral videos that I always hear about are the funny videos. If someone has a good laugh from a video they will be almost always likely to tell their friends and family, which makes the video go viral.

I have so many viral videos that I love to watch over and over again, but my two absolute favorite ones are “Two Talking Twin Babies” and “Cats Playing Patty Cake”.

I like the two talking twin babies video because it is so cute, and I could not believe that they actually understood one another, it is amazing! I could not stop smiling and laughing at how they were communicating, it really connected to me emotionally and I am sure it did with so many other people as well, and that is why it became viral.

I loved the cats playing patty cake because I absolutely love cats and it was so funny with the people trying to act out what they were thinking and saying. They made it seem like that they were by their own computers because they put cat wallpapers on the screens of the computers. I just like how they made them so human-like. It was also cute and funny which I believe was the reason why this video became so popular and went viral.


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