An Interview with Martin Waxman

8 Apr

As I listened to An Interview withabout social media that could benefit me one day when I am through with college and have to face the real world. One thing that I learned was the question my professor asked Martin, “As an employer, what kinds of things are you looking for if you are going to be hiring someone?” He talks about how important it is for someone to know the basics of social media and to have the traditional skills. Martin says that he wants his employees to have a great understanding of traditional media relations because while things are evolving and are changing fast but for many clients the traditional skills are as important as the new high-tech skills. Also, he mentioned how he does require a lot of social media skill just that they have an understanding of why social media is an important aspect for business and public relations.

What surprised me was the example he gave, about a woman who applied for a job with him. She gave him her blog so he could check it out, probably thinking he would be impressed that she had a blog, but actually was unimpressed. Her blog had many typographical errors and that is a big “no-no” in social media. Martin explained that in social media, spelling and grammar is very important when you want people to respect you and read your blogs.

I would like to know more about the company he mentions in the beginning called Botanical Paperworks, which is a company that manufactures plantable paper products such as, greeting cards, business cards, invitations, etc. This company sounds really amazing and such a great idea this interview led me to their website because I wanted to know more about this great idea.


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