An Interview with Kneale Mann

8 Apr

I learned a lot of things from listening to An Interview with Kneale Mann. One thing that sparked my interest was his advice he gives to me and my fellow classmates who are getting started with blogging and have some trouble with topics and things to write about in their new blogs. His advice he gives us, which he was given the same advice two years ago, was to “just write.” He explains how great writing is traditionally done this way, you write the end then you write the beginning, then you decide what you are going to take out of the middle.  Sometimes you may write 1000 words, but actually end with 300 because you have taken floating paragraphs out of the middle that you don’t need. Some other advice he gives when starting a blog is to find something that interests you and that is going to be with you for your whole career and just write about it.

What surprised me was that Kneale Mann has never had a blog before two years ago. Before I started listening to this interview I read what my professor put for his bio below the video:

“Kneale is a twenty-six year marketing and media veteran who provides business, marketing and social media strategy for small to medium sized private sector clients through YouIntegrate.

“He is also a marketing and social media strategistic with the Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing for public sector, not-for-profit and association clients.”

After reading this I was shocked to hear that he just started blogging. This makes me feel a lot better because I thought I was so behind in he social media world because I didn’t have a blog, but I really don’t think im that far behind. 🙂



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