PR OpenMic

19 Mar

This social network is a great tool for students, professors, and professionals. The site boasts some 6,000+ members. PR OpenMic has many things to offer these people. Once you sign up you can immediately search for friends who also have a membership and interact with them, similar to Facebook. Also like Facebook you have your open proile which you can change and edit at anytime you want and put whatever you want on it, including a profile picture.

One thing that I like that this social network has is the  Blog Posts, Forums, Latest Activity, or News about the PR community. This is what makes this network great because you are not just getting the top 50 blog posts in your feed rather you can read what the people in your online community have to say.

I saved the best for last, this feature is by far the best feature PR OpenMic has to offer.  The Jobs/Internships page offers students a way to look for internships when they really need to get started with their lives. This makes it so much easier for Public Relation majors to browse through intership opportunities that would be related to them. Other sites like careerbuilder has thousands of internships to look through, why would you want to browse through them when you can use PR OpenMic? Also you can post your resume and look at other people’s resumes to help you get going. I think this feature is brilliant. PR OpenMic is defintely very beneficial to students like me and I would recommend becoming a member asap!


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