Does Lady Gaga Sound Too Much Like Madonna?

20 Feb

Lady Gaga is well-known for pushing the limits. We have seen her in condom inspired dresses all the way to her wearing a dress made of meat. She has recently been in the spotlight for her brand new single Born This Way, which debuted at number one on the Billboard Top 100 chart. The controversy surrounding the song is said to sound like Madonna’s song Express Yourself. During an interview with Madonna’s brother, he states, “You can clearly hear similarities in Madonna’s song that are consistent with Lady Gaga’s new single.” Lady Gaga has openly admitted that Madonna has been a role model for her music. No lawsuit has been filed yet for copyright infringement but only time will tell. Madonna has not yet commented on the issue. Lady Gaga’s Album, Born This Way,  is set to release on May 23rd of this year.


4 Responses to “Does Lady Gaga Sound Too Much Like Madonna?”

  1. jonathansantana February 25, 2011 at 7:37 PM #

    I find this very interesting, as a music artist myself I tend to hear my influence a lot in my work. It is not something that I do on purpose or plan on doing, it is more of a natural thing that just comes out. I wouldn’t be surprised if the song did sound like a Madonna song because as Gaga had said she is one of major influences.

    • Mallory March 8, 2011 at 12:40 PM #

      The first thing I thought of when I heard this song was Madonna and how it similar it was to her song Express Yourself. However, I do not think Madonna will take legal action against Lady Gaga. If anything, I think she would be flattered that a big star like Lady Gaga tried to create a song that was similar. I would be very surprised if Madonna ended up filing a lawsuit.


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