“Skins” is Showing a Little Too Much Skin

10 Feb

The new show on MTV called “Skins” is starting a lot of controversy. Some critics are calling the show a type of child pornography because of all the sex going on between underaged kids. I guess in one scene you see a 17-year-old girl’s butt. I personally have not seen the show and probably never will, but I have heard so much controversy about the show I had to go look it up. Not only does it have a lot of sex in it, it also shows underaged high school students doing multiple drugs at parties.

After all the controversy and an outcry by the Parents Television Council this show has made changes and tried to make it less controversial. Despite already being toned down for US audiences and federal regulations, some say the show has still crossed a line.


2 Responses to ““Skins” is Showing a Little Too Much Skin”

  1. kaylacancelmo March 16, 2011 at 10:53 PM #

    Personally, I can not stand this show! I think these people are baring too much skin for television. Shows like Teen Mom and Jersey Shore receive so much criticism because of the way they act and i think Skins is way worse. I could not even stand to watch the commercials because they never made sense to me. My roommates and I then tuned into the first show and stopped watching after the first ten minutes. It is just absurd and whoever though of it is nuts!


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