Really Christina Aguilera? Really?

10 Feb

This past Sunday, Feburary 6th, Christina Aguilera was chosen to sing the National Anthem before the Super Bowl. When I heard she was the lucky one my first thought was that it was a good choice and she was going to rock it. I was so wrong. Aguilera totalled BOMBED the song embarrassing herself and all of America.

I just do not understand how someone could screw that up. I know if I had that opportunity to sing in front of millions and millions of people I would have practiced a thousand times and made sure I knew the words. Yea it could have been because of nerves but c’mon get it right! I can not believe she did that, she is one of the most popular single female artists and has won 5 Grammy Awards.  She should not be screwing up like this. Take a look for yourself.


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