I’ve Never Laughed So Hard At A Commercial In My Life

8 Feb

Until this year, one of the biggest reasons I watched the Superbowl was to watch all the funny commercials, but this year I was mostly watching the game. I am a HUGE Green Bay Packers fan! So I didnt really pay attention to the commercials but out of the ones that I did see my favorite was definitely one of the Doritos commercials. They were all funny, but the one that stuck out the most was the house sitting one. Here is the video for you to watch:

This commercial made me laugh so much that when I woke up the next morning I could not wait to talk about it with my classmates and teammates. It took me by surprise at the end and I did not see it coming at all. I love when movies have a twist at the end, but when commercials are that creative to keep you on your feet guessing what is going to happen next and then switch it up on you  it is even more awesome!

This commercial definitely goes on my list of all time favorite commercials and I will remember it everytime I eat some Doritos. Yummm 🙂

I would say that this commercial targets people with a sense of humor, but there are some disadvantages to the content of the humor as well. At the end of the commercial the guy brings his roommates grandfather back to life by sprinkling Doritos on his ashes, but people who have recently lost a family member or grandfather would probably take offense to this humor and not think it was funny at all.


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