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Does Lady Gaga Sound Too Much Like Madonna?

20 Feb

Lady Gaga is well-known for pushing the limits. We have seen her in condom inspired dresses all the way to her wearing a dress made of meat. She has recently been in the spotlight for her brand new single Born This Way, which debuted at number one on the Billboard Top 100 chart. The controversy surrounding the song is said to sound like Madonna’s song Express Yourself. During an interview with Madonna’s brother, he states, “You can clearly hear similarities in Madonna’s song that are consistent with Lady Gaga’s new single.” Lady Gaga has openly admitted that Madonna has been a role model for her music. No lawsuit has been filed yet for copyright infringement but only time will tell. Madonna has not yet commented on the issue. Lady Gaga’s Album, Born This Way,  is set to release on May 23rd of this year.


“Skins” is Showing a Little Too Much Skin

10 Feb

The new show on MTV called “Skins” is starting a lot of controversy. Some critics are calling the show a type of child pornography because of all the sex going on between underaged kids. I guess in one scene you see a 17-year-old girl’s butt. I personally have not seen the show and probably never will, but I have heard so much controversy about the show I had to go look it up. Not only does it have a lot of sex in it, it also shows underaged high school students doing multiple drugs at parties.

After all the controversy and an outcry by the Parents Television Council this show has made changes and tried to make it less controversial. Despite already being toned down for US audiences and federal regulations, some say the show has still crossed a line.

Really Christina Aguilera? Really?

10 Feb

This past Sunday, Feburary 6th, Christina Aguilera was chosen to sing the National Anthem before the Super Bowl. When I heard she was the lucky one my first thought was that it was a good choice and she was going to rock it. I was so wrong. Aguilera totalled BOMBED the song embarrassing herself and all of America.

I just do not understand how someone could screw that up. I know if I had that opportunity to sing in front of millions and millions of people I would have practiced a thousand times and made sure I knew the words. Yea it could have been because of nerves but c’mon get it right! I can not believe she did that, she is one of the most popular single female artists and has won 5 Grammy Awards.  She should not be screwing up like this. Take a look for yourself.

I’ve Never Laughed So Hard At A Commercial In My Life

8 Feb

Until this year, one of the biggest reasons I watched the Superbowl was to watch all the funny commercials, but this year I was mostly watching the game. I am a HUGE Green Bay Packers fan! So I didnt really pay attention to the commercials but out of the ones that I did see my favorite was definitely one of the Doritos commercials. They were all funny, but the one that stuck out the most was the house sitting one. Here is the video for you to watch:

This commercial made me laugh so much that when I woke up the next morning I could not wait to talk about it with my classmates and teammates. It took me by surprise at the end and I did not see it coming at all. I love when movies have a twist at the end, but when commercials are that creative to keep you on your feet guessing what is going to happen next and then switch it up on you  it is even more awesome!

This commercial definitely goes on my list of all time favorite commercials and I will remember it everytime I eat some Doritos. Yummm 🙂

I would say that this commercial targets people with a sense of humor, but there are some disadvantages to the content of the humor as well. At the end of the commercial the guy brings his roommates grandfather back to life by sprinkling Doritos on his ashes, but people who have recently lost a family member or grandfather would probably take offense to this humor and not think it was funny at all.


8 Feb

For my group presentation in this class my group had to teach the class about a chapter in the Groundswell book. Our chapter was about energizing the groundswell and talked about many important ways and scenarios on how to energize your customers so it can benefit your business tremendously. The three techniques explained in the book are:  1. Tap into customers’ enthusiasm with ratings and reviews. 2. Create a community to energize your customers. 3. Participate in and energize online communities of your brand.

The book talks about this business called BzzAgent, which is an international network of consumers who voluntarily participate in word-of-mouth (WOM) programs for a variety of products and services. Basically, they are  a community of communicators. As I was reading a little about BzzAgent in the chapter I wanted to know more so I went on their website and found out some more stuff about them. When I wanted to know exactly what I could do as a bzzAgent, I went to their FAQs tab and this is what they have. “You get to learn about new stuff and influence some of the biggest companies in the world. You try products and services and share your honest opinions with people you know. Then you fill us in on those conversations to help companies improve their products. There’s no obligation, no nonsense and no pressure.” Just reading this quote made me want to join on the spot; too bad I am just a college student. 🙂 Here is a video I found on their website about what their agents are saying about their relationships with BzzAgent.

And here’s a fun fact about BzzAgent: As of March 2010, there are 650,000 Agents across the United States, Canada and United Kingdom! Cool huh?

Social Media Monitoring, Good or Bad?

1 Feb

This semester at school, I am taking two law classes. So I am having my fair share of law and ethics right now. In fact, I just read a huge controversy about an ethical situation about a college newspaper that is very similar to this topic. I’ll explain the story:
At the University of Wisconsin- Madison there was a student newspaper making its way around the school campus. The newspaper is called the Badger Herald and made a lot of controversy when a group of anti-Semitic starting harassing the Jewish community by writing anti holocaust articles and opinions on the newspaper’s online edition. Saying things like “Jews were the world’s worst predators of the 20th century” and saying the Jewish fraternity at University of Wisconsin- Madison, AEPi, should be turned into an oven.

Since the newspaper is an independent student newspaper, not edited by the University of Wisconsin the students thought they could say anything that they wanted without consequences. When the Jewish community started to fight trying to get the posts offline the paper admitted that the posts were false and malicious, but said they cannot take them down because it was part of the First Amendment. Since people have to approve posts online they must have noticed the posts. Nobody did anything about it and just let them be posted, but later said they didn’t approve of the comments and it must have been a mistake.

 I believe that the posts are all unethical and should not have been posted at    all. All the horrific comments about the Jewish community are poor judgment and are not true at all. Yes, people have the right to their opinion, but why should they be able to bash people just because of their race. They had nothing to do with the holocaust and were not even alive at the time. I believe the paper should be shut down.

Now, this case is different I know because this is very serious, but I believe this could happen to anybody, anytime. Like I posted in my last blog post, people harass other people on the Internet a lot because they feel stronger when they are not face to face with who they are attacking verbally. I think online bullying can be prevented by monitoring posts.

On the other side, I can see where people may not like the monitoring because it is restricting their right to the First Amendment of freedom of speech.

I think social media monitoring is ethical in every way. Why should we allow people to harass other people. People suffer from verbal abuse just as much as physical abuse.  That’s just wrong.