Blog Comments…Can’t Live With Them Can’t Live Without Them

27 Jan

Blog comments are an integral part of blogs because I believe that people who write blogs strictly write them so other people can read them and comment on them. I see no other purpose, bloggers want attention from other bloggers and they strive for as many comments or views that they can get because they want their voice to be heard. When people comment on their posts agreeing with them they feel warmth because they share the same thoughts and beliefs as other people in this world. I know personally th

at when I have an opinion and I am very serious about it I love when the people around me agree with what I believe in, it comforts me. 🙂

Now sometimes blog comments can very hurtful and immature. People can get in serious fights over blog comments because people are more influenced to speak their opinion and to put you down on a comment than in person to

someones face. Juicy Campus, before it got taken off the internet was just a horrible way to bash on people and make fun of people at your own college. College is suppose

d to be that point in your life where you mature and stop acting like a high scho

ol teenager and start acting like an adult, but I guess not. Now that Juicy Campus is out of business people have created another website just like it called CollegeACB. Wikipedia defines it as a website that allows students from over 500 colleges across the Unit

ed States to post anonymous gossip, rumo

rs, rants, and discussions about people and college-related activities. College ACB describes itself as “designed to give students a place to vent, rant, and talk to college peers in an environment free from social constraints and about subjects that might otherwise be taboo” and claims to promote “deep and thoughtful discussion” This website has different categories about different people and anybody can go on it and say what they wish about them. It rarely ever has anything good on there about people.

Some tips that I can give you to write effective blog comments are:

  • Be nice, you can speak your opinion but don’t put people down while doing so.
  • Be descriptive and really explain your thoughts. Even though you may understand what you are talking about, someone else may not.
  • Don’t start drama…who likes drama?

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