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Blog Comments…Can’t Live With Them Can’t Live Without Them

27 Jan

Blog comments are an integral part of blogs because I believe that people who write blogs strictly write them so other people can read them and comment on them. I see no other purpose, bloggers want attention from other bloggers and they strive for as many comments or views that they can get because they want their voice to be heard. When people comment on their posts agreeing with them they feel warmth because they share the same thoughts and beliefs as other people in this world. I know personally th

at when I have an opinion and I am very serious about it I love when the people around me agree with what I believe in, it comforts me. 🙂

Now sometimes blog comments can very hurtful and immature. People can get in serious fights over blog comments because people are more influenced to speak their opinion and to put you down on a comment than in person to

someones face. Juicy Campus, before it got taken off the internet was just a horrible way to bash on people and make fun of people at your own college. College is suppose

d to be that point in your life where you mature and stop acting like a high scho

ol teenager and start acting like an adult, but I guess not. Now that Juicy Campus is out of business people have created another website just like it called CollegeACB. Wikipedia defines it as a website that allows students from over 500 colleges across the Unit

ed States to post anonymous gossip, rumo

rs, rants, and discussions about people and college-related activities. College ACB describes itself as “designed to give students a place to vent, rant, and talk to college peers in an environment free from social constraints and about subjects that might otherwise be taboo” and claims to promote “deep and thoughtful discussion” This website has different categories about different people and anybody can go on it and say what they wish about them. It rarely ever has anything good on there about people.

Some tips that I can give you to write effective blog comments are:

  • Be nice, you can speak your opinion but don’t put people down while doing so.
  • Be descriptive and really explain your thoughts. Even though you may understand what you are talking about, someone else may not.
  • Don’t start drama…who likes drama?

Blog Comments

25 Jan


Social Media I Actually Use! By: Nicole Long

January 24, 2011 at 10:55 PM

I am the same as you Nicole, I never use Twitter either. I agree with you and do not see the point for someone to use it for their personal life, but definitely great for companies to promote special events. I use YouTube and Facebook just like you and Facebook is most effective for me as well. 🙂


Shanti’s Social Media Journey By: Shanti

January 25, 2011 9:28 pm

Shanti! I just love how enthusiastic you are about social media! lol but that’s just your normal attitude, you’re crazy girl and I love it! 🙂 I agree with you about how you cannot be a true college student without a Facebook page. It is truly addicting and fun! But unlike you, Facebook is my only social media that I use. I’m just not as social as you but I’m learning 🙂  Love You


Do our eyes always tell us the truth!? By: Nicole Long

February 1, 2011 at 2:39 PM

Hey Nicole,

Wow! This was awesome! I totally fell for it, I cannot believe my eyes I’m still in shock. Now that I saw this video I am going to go on YouTube and look up more just like it. Now I have something to do with my day. Thanks!

p.s If I stumble across more good ones I’ll let you know!


TOW#4 Some Definitions of Social Media. By: jprice2290

February 8, 2011 at 7:36 pm

I really like your definition for social media. I like how you used those three categories and definitely agree with all three. If I were to come up with a definition on my own it would probably be very close if not the exact same as yours. You really said it all, I love it.


A Different Kind of PR by: karensnir

February 10, 2011 at 11:06 pm

I still cannot believe Groupon aired this commercial! Yea they might have been trying to do a good thing, but they went about it all wrong! It still blows my mind that Groupon thought this was ok? Whoever created this commercial should be fired! Im glad they changed the ending though, now people will know what their real intentions were.


Happy Birthday, Chuck Norris By: Simply Diane

March 18, 2011 at 9:19 PM

I love Chuck ! Even though I have never seen any that he has been into, I still know the impact he had to everyone around the world. It’s pretty amazing to be 71 years old and kids under 10 still know and love him. Here is my favorite Chuck Norris joke:
“When Chuck Norris does push ups, he doesn’t push himself up, he pushes the world down.”


tamarindo! By: Megan Jeyifo

March 18, 2011 at 8:57 pm

You have an amazing talent with a camera! These photos leave me speechless; they are all so beautiful. My favorite picture is definitely the hammock because it makes me feel like I am there and about to take an awesome nap on that hammock! Love it.


Why your social graph should be bigger (not smaller) By: Greg Meyer

March 18, 2011 at 7:21 pm

I really enjoyed this blog post, it made me think a lot about creating a bigger social graph for myself. This post helped me to realize that social media can be very beneficial to yourself, before this I never realized it could be more than a way to keep in contact with people. Thanks.


Traditional vs. Social Media Impression By: Rebecca Denison

I agree, I definitely think that someday we will be able to make connections with online behavior and offline behavior. Before reading this I had no clue what social media impressions were but now that I understand I also agree that it would be a great idea to add this to our virtual toolbox.


The Secrets to Success in Social Media By: Marie V-B

I really enjoyed reading this post. I never really realized how annoying those five social media topics can be until you brought it to my attention, gross! I guess I just don’t read that many blogs to understand the feelings you have. I also liked the tips on how to spice up the posts.


Swearing and Social Media By: Marie V-B

I believe that profanity should not be used at all if you are tweeting for a company. I just don’t think it sounds very business-like and turns me off. Although, I do agree with you that light swearing does show your passion for a certain subject, I just don’t think its needed.


How often do you forget a password? By: Jessica Levco

I really enjoyed reading this post, it made me laugh literally out loud. I’m sorry you have to keep changing your password on Twitter, that must be very annoying.


Researchers track Twitter to learn when Americans are happiest By: Alan Pearcy

This post is very interesting to me, I would never think to go to Twitter to see when people are happiest. It makes absolute sense though, Thursdays are horrible because you have just worked 3 hard days and you still have to go to work Friday. Sunday is the day you hang with the family and relax. I know I am the happiest on Sunday.


5 last-minute holiday gifts for the social media obsessed By: Alan Pearcy

I love the 5 gift ideas, I would definitely buy my friends those gifts. My favorite one is the YouTube tube socks, and the adjustable laptop desk, I would never ever get out of bed and it would be awesome! Good post, very entertaining!


Does Facebook know when you’re about to end a relationship? By: Michael Sebastian

I think Facebook is very creepy! just because I “liked” a page on Facebook they start having pop-ups of whatever you liked come on your page. If you are “in a relationship” the ads on the side of the page are ads of engagement rings and wedding dresses. It creeps me out how much they know.


Living a life online By: Martin Waxman

I like the GOFOMO, I definitely agree with you. Why should people be complaining about missing out when every other person has an iPhone or a smart phone that can search the internet, and what is there to miss? The score of the baseball game, or the newest cooking recipe on the food network? It just doesn’t make sense to me.


Privacy and publicity – can they ever be friends? By: Matrin Waxman

Wow, just hearing this story makes my stomach turn. I do not agree with ‘sexting’ it is a horrible thought to think my kids (when I have kids in like 10 years) will probably be ‘sexting’ at some point in their life. I just don’t get why they would want to do such a thing.


Inside PR 2.46: Happy birthday, Twitter By: Martin Waxman

Haha I actually laughed out loud when I read the part about how you’re not a tweetaholic and that you are working your way through a 12-tweet program. I know many people who need to do that program, tweeting almost every hour of the day. It’s crazy!


Are Mobile Health Apps the Answer?  By: Laney Cohen

Your idea about how a doctor can use the apps as a way to make sure their patient stays on track with the diet is a really good idea. I agree that it would definitely make them diet better if they knew they were being watched. I like this idea a lot and I think it could work.


Will Hollywood Be the Next Industry Consumed by the Internet?  By: Laney Cohen

Wow before reading this post I didn’t realize how much technology has really changed over the years. Yes, I am one of those people who havent paid a dime for any of my songs on my iPod and yes I wasnt around for records, but I still have witnessed a lot of the change. It blows my mind.


Speaking Up About Engagement Chicken By: Keri Toomey

I think engagement chicken is just absurd! How can cooking a chicken tell you when you are going to get married. This is just a stupid way of trying to get hype for their book, and I do not know how anyone actually believes it.


Do you have FOMO? By: Tim Otis

This FOMO thing is just absurd! These people who are suffering from “FOMO” have some deeper issues to deal with other than feeling left out. If people are feeling left out because they can’t see what their friends are doing at all times then there is something wrong with America.


Breaking Up is Hard to Do…  By:CT Michaels

Haha this post is priceless, unfortunately I never really had a job long enough to experience this because im in college, but I have the same feeling when one of my teammates is kicked off the team after a year or quits. I basically spent the whole year with them, at least 4 hours of everyday with them and then they just leave me? Its sad and I also wonder if I should get them a gift?


The Lost Art of Humility in PR  By: Jessica Malnik

I agree, those terms are thrown around like they mean nothing. Especially in PR, I hear guru and I never really think they are a professional they just call themselves that because it makes them sound important. As long as people know they are boosting their ego, which I think most do, then let them boost it.


Using Twitter as a Pulse, Not a Firehose  By: Rebecca Denison

I do agree Twitter does make it easier to start a company, and yes it is not for everyone. I just don’t see the need for individuals to go on and tweet what they are doing every second of every day, I don’t care that you are walking your dog, or eating dinner at Outback. I think twitter should be use just for business purposes only.

Social Media is Not My Number One

25 Jan

I may be part of the minority when it comes to using social media. I spend an hour a week on social media websites. The only two websites I use frequently are Facebook and YouTube, Facebook being my number one like most of the people in my age group. Yes, I go on Facebook a couple of times a week but the majority of people my age these days go on Facebook a couple of times a day. I mostly just use Facebook as a way to keep in contact with my old friends or family members who live across the country.

Besides Facebook, the only other social media I use is YouTube, but I rarely ever even use this either. Once in a blue moon will I look up a funny video someone told me to watch, maybe once a month. I never ever just sit on my computer clicking on video after video because I am bored like some people do.

I do not use Twitter and do not see the point of creating an account of my own. I believe Twitter is ok to use if you have a business or you are a celebrity and you are known by a lot of people, but I just don’t see the point for a normal person to have “Followers” or should I say “Stalkers”? 🙂 I don’t want random people knowing what I am doing throughout the day, or how I feel about how my waiter is taking forever to bring my food to me at Olive Garden. I don’t care if my former classmate, who I rarely ever talk to and just know her because we had to do a project together, is having a good time with her friend from back home. Why would I want to know that?

So if it wasnt for keeping in touch with friends and family members or getting my monthly dose of funny videos from YouTube, I would not use any social media at all.